The Works of Jane Austen

L.J.Harvey & His School Edited by Janet Hogan

Shelley Pottery The Later Years by Chris Davenport

The Shelley Style A Collectors Guide by Susan Hill.

Second to None A Memorial History of the 32nd Battalion AIF.1915-1919 Comipled by R.R.Freeman

Sutherland Christ in Glory In The Tetramorph. edited by Andrew Revai

The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin 1871

The Enchanted Forest by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite & Grenby Outhwaite

Australian War Memorial Treasures from a Century of Collecting by Nola Anderson

The Stone Horsemen Tales from the Caucasus Retold by Ruth Foster

Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks by Peter Stone

Collecting Australian Found Stoneware by Ken Arnold

Australian Pottery of the 19th & Early 20th Century by Marjorie Graham

Australian Artware Pottery by William & Dorothy Hall

Australian Pottery The First 100 Years by Geoff Ford.

Angelas Ashes,’Tis & Teacher Man in Boxed Set by Frank McCourt

Wisdom for Beekeepers by James Tew

Bridge With Three Men by Anthony Hewitt

The Groote Park Murder by Freeman Wills Crofts

A Soldier Erect by Brian W. Aldiss

The Captain Cook Encyclopaedia by John Robson

Artists of The Australian Gold Rush by Alan McCulloch

Churchill By Himself by Winston Churchill

In The Footsteps of Churchill by Richard Holmes

Fateful Choices Ten Decisions That Changed The World 1940-1941 by Ian Kershaw

The Elizabethans by A.N.Wilson

Vintage Fashion Knitwear.Collecting & wearing designer classics by Marnie Fogg

The Sleeping Beauty Illustrated & retold by Margaret Early

The Round Towers of Ireland; or The History of The Tuath-de Danaans For the first time unveiled by Henry O’Brien


Mary Jane or Spiritualism Chemically explained with Spirit Drawings by and Ideas. by Samuel Guppy

The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance by John Hale

Sotheby’s ABORIGINAL ART. Melbourne 26-27 July 2004.


Future Beauty 30 years of Japanese Fashion

A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay by Watkin Tench

Light Horse by Laurence McCrea

Ceramics in South Australia by Noris Ioannou

Fruit Watching by Amano & Sukiki Illustrated by Masao Saito

The Long History of Old Age Edited by Pat Thane.

The Real Mad Men by Andrew Cracknell

Parrots & Pigeons of Australia by Crome & Shields

The Robins & Flycatchers of Australia by Walter Boles

The Seabirds of Australia by Terence Lindsey

The Shorebirds of Australia by J.D.Pringle

The Waterbirds of Australia by J.D.Pringle

Eating In by Philip Johnson

The Michelin Man by Olivier Darmon

Velvet Pears Gardening by the Seasons at Foxglove Spires by Susan Southam

Guide to Korea’s Kyongju edited by David Squires

The Brisbane Club 1903-2003 by Thomis

Napoleonic Wars in Cartoons by Mark Bryant,

A History of Longmans and Their Books by Asa Briggs


Science In The Service of Empire by John Gascoigne

Burke and Wills by E.B.Joyce & D.A.McCann

Thomas Carlyle by John Morrow

The Architecture of The Renaissance in France Two Volumes by W.H.Ward

Traditional Architecture In The Gilbert Islands by John Hockings

Colonial Furniture in New Zealand by S Northcote-Bade

Pulitzer A Life by J.McGrath Morris

The Developing Marsupial by Tyndale-Biscoe & Janssens

Lasseter’s Gold by Warren Brown

An Historical Grammar of Japanese by George Sansom

The Chase An Autobiography by Ida Mann


Forgotten War by Henry Reynolds


Inner Vision An Exploration of Art & the Brain by Semir Zeki


Crime Chemist by Alan Dower

World Checklist and Bibliography of Conifers by Aljos Farjon


An Essay on Gout by Geo.Cheyne bound with An Essay on Health and Long Life 1725, 1741


With Wings on Their Fingers by Pamela Conder


The Secret Man The Story of Watergate’s Deep Throat by Bob Woodward

The World of The Shining Prince by Ivan Morris


The Innocent by Ian McEwan


The Case for Astral Projection by Sylvan Muldoon


The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson


The Modern History of Kuwait 1750- 1965 by A.M.Abu-Hakima

An Edwardian Summer by Arthur Wigram Allen



Nursery Rhymes published by Birn Brothers.


Chuck Berry The Autobiography


The Floating World in Japanese Fiction by Howard Hibbett

The Battalion Story 2/26th Infantry Battalion 8th Division by Lt.Col.Ron Magarry






















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