Log of The Centurion by Leo Heaps

Alma Doepel,The History of An Australian Schooner by Captain Ralph McDonell

Frank Hurley in Papua Photographs of the 1920-1923 Expeditions By Jim Spect & John Fields



The Lighthouse Bella Bathurst

Buderim’s Trafalgar House by Rhonda Vickers Rolevink

Maeve Binchy The Biography by Piers Dudgeon

Nabokov’s Quartet by Vladimir Nabokov

Transparent Things by Vladimir Nabokov

The Enchanter His long lost novel. by Vladimir Nabokov

Mary by Vladimir Nabokov

Our Way.Contemporary Aboriginal Art From Lockhart River by Sally Butler

V.N.The Life & Art of Vladimir Nabokov by Andrew Field

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Lighthouses & Shipwrecks.

Early Buildings of Southern Tasmania by E.Graeme Robertson.

QUODVULTDEUS OF CATHAGE The Apocalyptic Theology of a Roman African in Exile by Daniel Van Slyke

The Saints Everlasting Rest….by Richard Baxter 1677

The Ranger & Other Stories by Zane Grey

Stories From The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

Ships and Shipwrecks of the Americas Edited by George Bass.

India’s Disappearing Railways. A Photographic Journey by Angus McDonald

Breaking The Spell. Stories of Magic & Mystery from Scotland by Lari Don & Cate James

Mr Isherwood Changes Trains by Victor Marsh

MacPhersons Island by Lavinia Derwent

Stalingrad Memories and Reassessments by Wieder & Graf von Einsiedel

Padre Mac The Man From Harris by Murdo Ewen MacDonald

Sahyadris. India’s Western Ghats- A Vanishing Heritage by Kadur & Bawa

A Manual for Small Museums & Keeping Places by Richard Robins

The Return of Steam Locomotive C17,No.45 by John Stark

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Outbreak 1939 the World Goes To War by Terry Charman

Angus Wilson A Biography by Margaret Drabble

Souffrance de Mon Pays by Vercors [Jean Marcel Bruller]

Buddha.Radiant Awakening Edited by Jackie Menzies

Western Tasmania by Charles Whitham

Portsmouth In Defence of the Realm by John Sadden

A Letter To Our Son by Peter Carey


From the Ochres of Mungo by Marji Hill-Neil McLeod

Art of India 1526-1858 The Mughal Empire by Vincent Arthur Smith

Caribbean Style by Slesin, Cliff, Berthelot, Gaume & Rozensztroch

The Remote Garrison.The British Army in Australia by Peter Stanley

Lavoisier- The Crucial Year. the Background & Origin of His First Experiments on Combustion in 1772 by Henry Guerlac

The Shadow and the Light A Defense of Daniel Dunglas Home.The Medium

Java La Grande The Portuguese Discovery of Australia by Lawrence Fitzgerald

Night Thoughts by Gwen Harwood

Don Renato.An ideal Content by Fr. Rolfe [Baron Corvo]

No Deals Mr Bond by John Gardner

The Last Vampire by Whitley Strieber

After The Storms.Collected Poems 1980-1998 by John Strano

A Bachelor’s Children by Hal Porter

The Tilted Cross by Hal Porter

The Sea of Grass by Conrad Richter

Amy’s Children by Olga Masters

Hal Porter Portable Australian Authors

Collected Plays Volume 1 by Dorothy Hewett

Rockhampton A History of City & District by Lorna McDonald

Behind Broulee History of Eurobodall Shire Central Coast NSW by William Bayley

The Fourth Protocol by Frederick Forsyth

The Right Thing by Hal Porter

Three Sydney Garden Nurseries in the 1860’s by John Gelding

Zarlen Speaks.A New Beginning by Jonathan Sherwood

Ragnarok The Age of Fire and Gravel by Ignatius Donnelly

The Pioneers Series by Sir Harry Johnston Six Volumes


Fifties Homestyle Popular Ornament of the USA by Burns & Di Bonis

Flowering Plants,Magic in Bloom by Mick Richardson.

Alexander the Corrector by Julia Keay

Bearers of Tradiiton Nurses of The Royal Brisbane Hospital 1888-1993 by Gregory & Brazil

Natural History and The Indian Army by J.C.Daniel & Lieut.General Baijit Singh

Flowering Plants of The Galapagos by Conley K.McMullen


Wilson by A.Scott Berg

The War Within A Secret White House History 2006-2008.

Law For Laymen An Australian Book of Legal Adviceby C.H.Chomley 1907

Briards in England by Ruth Bumstead

Leaves From Australian Forests Poetical Works of Henry Kendall

A Short History of the 20th Century by Geoffrey Blainey


A Fable of Modern Art by Dore Ashton

Evelyn Baring The Last Proconsul by Charles Douglas Home

Between The Sheets The Literary Liasons of Nine 20th Century Women Writers by Lesley McDowell

Mr Bones,Twenty Stories by Paul Theroux

Raiders by Ross Kemp

Poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky

Mass.A novel by F.Sionil Jose

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

The Trial of Ned Kelly by John H.Phillips

The Bodhidharma Anthology.The Earliest Records of Zen.

ORTHODOX CHINESE BUDDHISM A Contemporary Chan Master’s Answers to Common Questions

Rocking Horses The Collector’s Guide by Stevenson & Marsden

The Rocking Horse Maker Nine easy to follow patterns by Anthony Dew

Making Rocking Horses by Anthony Dew

Doll’s House Furniture.The Collectors Guide by Margaret Towner

Toy Soldiers The Collector’s Guide by Norman Joplin

Automata & Mechanical Toys. An Illustrated History by Mary Hillier


Matchbox Toys A Guide by Bruce & Dianne Stoneback

KAMEHAMEHA by Walter F.Judd

A Thousand Years of Stained Glass by Catherine Brisac

Radiant Mind by Peter Fenner

Chelsea Way by Andre Maurois

Conway’s All The Worlds Fighting Ships 1860-1905

Ray Parkins Wartime Trilogy

Maps of Malaya and Borneo by Dr Frederic Durand

The Life of Arthur Duke of Wellington by G.R.Gleig


The Land of the Lion and the Sun or Modern Persia 1891 by C.J.Wills

The Ugly American by William Lederer & Eugene Burdick


Furphies and Whizz-Bangs.Anzac Slang from The Great War by Amanda Laugesen

Unlucky Wally by Raymond Briggs

Norman Lindsay Watercolours



The Works of Jane Austen

L.J.Harvey & His School Edited by Janet Hogan

Shelley Pottery The Later Years by Chris Davenport

The Shelley Style A Collectors Guide by Susan Hill.

Second to None A Memorial History of the 32nd Battalion AIF.1915-1919 Comipled by R.R.Freeman

Sutherland Christ in Glory In The Tetramorph. edited by Andrew Revai

The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin 1871

The Enchanted Forest by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite & Grenby Outhwaite

Australian War Memorial Treasures from a Century of Collecting by Nola Anderson

The Stone Horsemen Tales from the Caucasus Retold by Ruth Foster

Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks by Peter Stone

Collecting Australian Found Stoneware by Ken Arnold

Australian Pottery of the 19th & Early 20th Century by Marjorie Graham

Australian Artware Pottery by William & Dorothy Hall

Australian Pottery The First 100 Years by Geoff Ford.

Wisdom for Beekeepers by James Tew

The Captain Cook Encyclopaedia by John Robson

Artists of The Australian Gold Rush by Alan McCulloch

Churchill By Himself by Winston Churchill

In The Footsteps of Churchill by Richard Holmes

Fateful Choices Ten Decisions That Changed The World 1940-1941 by Ian Kershaw

The Elizabethans by A.N.Wilson

Vintage Fashion Knitwear.Collecting & wearing designer classics by Marnie Fogg

The Sleeping Beauty Illustrated & retold by Margaret Early

The Round Towers of Ireland; or The History of The Tuath-de Danaans For the first time unveiled by Henry O’Brien


Mary Jane or Spiritualism Chemically explained with Spirit Drawings by and Ideas. by Samuel Guppy

The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance by John Hale






































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