Karel Appel Edited by Alfred Frankenstein

Majolica by Nicholas Dawes

My House, My Paradise The construction of the ideal domestic universe by Gustau Gili Galfetti

Warriors of Medieval Japan by Stephen Turnbull

Treasures of Disney Animation Art Edited by Walton Rawls

Magdalena Abakanowicz by Barbara Rose

The Spirit of Colors The Art of Karl Gerstner by Karl Gerstner

On The Trail of Australian Wildflowers by Edna Walling

Ancient Sichuan Treasures from a Lost Civilization Edited by Robert Bagley

Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting The Culture & Civilization of China

Millenium Tribal Wisdom & The Modern World by David Maybury Lewis

Bloomsbury Needlepoint From the Tapestries at Charleston Farmhouse by Melinda Coss

African Art Its Background and Traditions by R.S.Wassing

Last Frontiers The Explorations of Ivan Champion of Papua by James Sinclair

Stopping For A Spell.Three Fantasies by Diana Wynne Jones

Glimpses of Paradise The Quest For The Beautiful Parakeet by Penny Olsen

Men of Their Time Pioneers of The Hunter River by Dulcie Hartley

Nepenthes of Mount Kinbalu by Shigeo Kurata

Islands of Moreton Bay by Helen Horton

Sam Byrne. Folk Painter of The Silver City by Ross Moore

The Odyssey by Homer


The Iliad by Homer

Ochre and Rust Artefacts and Encounters on Australian Frontiers by Philip Jones

Donald Thomson in Arnhem Land by Donald Thomson


The Moor’s Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie

The Realm of the Unreal and Other Stories by Ambrose Bierce

The New Temple Shakespeare in 40 volumes.

Kan Ban. Shop Signs of Japan by Dana Levy

An Account of The Coins,Coinages & Currency of Australasia by Coleman Hyman

A Journalist’s Memories by Spencer Browne

The Encyclopedia of Australian Potters Marks by Geoff Ford

Art Since 1900 by Hal Foster

American Indians In The Pacific.Theory Behind the Kon Tiki Expedition by Thor Heyerdahal

A Collectors Guide to Royal Copenhagen Porcelain with the price guide by Nick & Caroline Pope

The Peoples Potteries. Stories of The Art Potteries of Sydney Post WWII by Dorothy Johnston

Collecting African Art by Werner Gillon

Pooginook The Story of Riverina Taylors by Maurice Taylor

One Sun One Moon. Aboriginal Art in Australia by Perkins & West

The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap by Harry Price & R.S.Lambert

Splendid Isolation Art of Easter Island by Eric Kjellgren

Geology of The Sydney Basin by Beryl Nashar


Art Deco Ceramics in Britain by Andrew Casey

The Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery 1780-1880 Volume 2 by Coysh & Henrywood

The Tide at Sunrise A History of the Russo- Japanese War 1904-1905 by D. & P. Warner

Manual of Cane Growing by King, Montgomery & Hughes

From Italy to Ingham Italians in Northern Queensland by William Douglass

Land of The Tollund Man The Prehistory & Archaeology of Denmark

Not Without My Corsets by Fionna Douglas

Spode and Copeland Over Two Hundred Years of Fine China & Porcelain by Steven Smith

The Seventeenth Australian Infantry Brigade Magazine 1939-1944 Edited by Captain A.R.Ross

The Blossom Children by Constance Mackness

Shades. An Essay on English Portrait Silhouettes by David Piper

Paul Maze The Lost Impressionist by Anne Singer

Showground Sketchbook & Other Poems by Nancy Keesing

Passions & Ancient Days. 21 New Poems by C.P.Cavafy

The Amateur Emigrant & The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Blackwall Frigates by Basil Lubbock

Pacific Steamers by Will Lawson

The China Clippers by Basil Lubbock

History of the O’Briens From Brian Boroimhe A.D. 1000 to 1945 by Hon’ble Donough O’Brien

First to Damascus the Great Ride & Lawrence of Arabia by Jill Duchess of Hamilton

Rutherford & other Poems by Douglas Stewart

Where Glory Awaits A History of St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace at War by Martin Kerby

The Explorers of the Pacific by Geoffrey Badger

Cardwell Shire Story by Dorothy Jones

View From The Summit by Sir Edmund Hillary

Cairns and Beyond

John Henry A Story of the Outback by Cameron Tully

Drawings From Life by Eric Gill

One American Too Many Boss Badger & the Brisbane Trams by David Burke

Pandora of Parrham Royal by Violet Needham

The Lighthouse Keepers by Stuart Buchanan

Picnic At Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay

Travel and Adventure in Northern Queensland by Arthur C.Bicknell

Australasian Tokens & Coins by Dr Arthur Andrews

Spicers Peak Road A New Way To The Downs by J.C.H.Gill

Downs Artists A Changing Landscape by Noni Durack and Pamela King

Central & Northern Graziers The First 100 Years By Angela Moffat

Wrecks in Tasmanian Waters by Harry O”May

Campaigning with The Fighting 9th by C.M.Wrench

The Royal Navy and The Slavers by W.E.F.Ward

Ourselves Alone Women’s Emigration from Ireland 1885-1920 by Janet A.Nolan

Launceston History of an Australian City by John Reynolds

“SIR” by Major Eddie Prince

Churchill and America by Martin Gilbert

The Legendary Lindsays by Ursula Prunster, Robert Holden & Helen Glad

The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold by Evelyn Waugh

To Benghazi Australia in the War of 1939-1945 by Gavin Long

Nancy Wake by Russell Braddon

An Anzac’s War Diary The Story of Sergeant Richardson edited by A.D.Bell

Churchill’s Secret War by Robin Denniston

LOCKOUT . A Northern New South Wales Coal Lockout 2nd March 1929- 3rd June 1930.


Noddy Gives a Tea Party by Enid Blyton

Sun On The Stubble by Colin Thiele

The Wonder Book of Motors

Where Fate Calls The HMAS Voyager Tragedy by Tom Frame

Ghost Ships Tales of Abandoned Doomed and Haunted Vessels by Angus Konstam

The Ordeal of Ivor Gurney by Michael Hurd

Stubborn Weeds Popular and Controversial Chinese Literature after the Cultural Revolution Edited by Perry Link

Log of The Centurion by Leo Heaps

Alma Doepel,The History of An Australian Schooner by Captain Ralph McDonell

Frank Hurley in Papua Photographs of the 1920-1923 Expeditions By Jim Spect & John Fields



The Lighthouse Bella Bathurst

Buderim’s Trafalgar House by Rhonda Vickers Rolevink

Maeve Binchy The Biography by Piers Dudgeon

Nabokov’s Quartet by Vladimir Nabokov

Transparent Things by Vladimir Nabokov

The Enchanter His long lost novel. by Vladimir Nabokov

Mary by Vladimir Nabokov

Our Way.Contemporary Aboriginal Art From Lockhart River by Sally Butler

See  New List

Lighthouses & Shipwrecks.

Early Buildings of Southern Tasmania by E.Graeme Robertson.

QUODVULTDEUS OF CATHAGE The Apocalyptic Theology of a Roman African in Exile by Daniel Van Slyke

The Saints Everlasting Rest….by Richard Baxter 1677

The Ranger & Other Stories by Zane Grey

Stories From The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

Ships and Shipwrecks of the Americas Edited by George Bass.

India’s Disappearing Railways. A Photographic Journey by Angus McDonald

Breaking The Spell. Stories of Magic & Mystery from Scotland by Lari Don & Cate James

Mr Isherwood Changes Trains by Victor Marsh

MacPhersons Island by Lavinia Derwent

Stalingrad Memories and Reassessments by Wieder & Graf von Einsiedel

Padre Mac The Man From Harris by Murdo Ewen MacDonald

Sahyadris. India’s Western Ghats- A Vanishing Heritage by Kadur & Bawa

A Manual for Small Museums & Keeping Places by Richard Robins

The Return of Steam Locomotive C17,No.45 by John Stark

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran















































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