Private Entrant Racing With Mike Walker By Michael Cooper Evans

UEDA’S DAIJITEN. A Japenese Dictionary of Chinese Characters and Compounds by Ueda

A Visitors Guide To Wigtownshire by William M’Ilwraith 1877

Satires of Circumstance Lyrics & Reveries by Thomas Hardy

The Rise of Magic in Medieval Europe by Valerie Flint

Modern Living Accessories by Weller & Melihose

Coogan’s Gully by Donald Friend

The Happy Warriors by Halldor Laxness

Never Upstaged Babette Stephens Her life & Times by Jay McKee

THE WORKS OF DUMAS.Collins Library of Classics Containing 20 works by Dumas.

Royal Dukes The Father & Uncles of Queen Victoria by Roger Fulford

Dust Road Coming Edited by Mark Svendsen

Heartbreak Corner by Fleur Lehane

Essential Picasso by Laura Payne

L’Amour Bleu by Cecile Beurdeley

Matisse the Master by Hilary Spurling

English Country Houses Caroline 1625-1685 by Hill & Cornforth

Beau Geste by Christopher Wren Limited 1927 Edition

Giacometti by Isabelle Maeght

George Condo by George Condo

Portraits & Caftans of The Ottoman Sultans by Nurhan Atasoy

R.A.F.Biggin Hill by Graham Wallace

The History & Development of Mount Compass

ROYAL SIAMESE MAPS War & Trade In Nineteenth Century Thailand

The Shakespearean Cipers by William & Elizabeth Friedman

The Untrained Environmentalist by John Fenton

The Enigma of Japanese Power, People and Politics In a Stateless Nation By Karl Van Wolferen

Portrait of Spain Masterpieces From The Prado by Javier Portus Perez

The Roads of Queensland by Yates & Jones

A Companion To Crime Fiction by Charles Rzepka & Lee Horsley

Dear Lupin Letters to a Wayward Son between Roger and Charlie Mortimer

Crystal Gazing Its History and practice by Thomas Northcote

The Gyroscope by V.E.Johnson

The Narrow Margin The Battle of Britain & The Rise of Air Power by D.Wood & D.Dempster

The Aces by Frederick Oughton

The Oxford History of Western Art by Martin Kemp

The Green Beret The Story of the Commandos by Hilary St George Saunders

The Red Beret by Hilary St George Saunders

The Furthest Shore Images From Terra Austral

My God It’s A Woman by Nancy Bird

Tropica Color Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants and Trees by Alfred Byrd Graf

Terra Australis The Furthest Shore by William Eisler & Bernard Smith

The First 100 Years. The Story of Early Kingaroy by Harold Mears

By Many Campfires by Stan Tutt

Wings Over The Desert In Action with an RFC Pilot in Palestine 1916-18 by Desmond Seward

The Art of Vogue Photographic Covers by Valerie Lloyd

A Roumanian Diary by Hans Carossa

Salute To The Brave A Pictorial Record of Queensland War Memorials by Shirley & Trevor McIvor

Partial To Home Photographs by Birney Imes

Mechanisms of Sex Differentiation In Animals and Man by C.R.Austin & R.G.Edwards

The Bohemian Bourgois The Confessions of Benjamin B. by David Myers

Shipwrecks of The Cunard Line by Sam Warwick & Mike Roussel

The Collected Verse of A.B.Paterson

Royal Air Force Flying Training Manual Part 1 Flying Instruction 1929

Bidie Bowers. Captain Scott’s Marvel by Anne Strathie

Japanese Ceramics From Ancient To Modern Times by Fujio Koyama

The Art of Bird Illustration by Maureen Lambourne

Fred Williams by Patrick McCaughey

Stories of Second Sight In A Highland Regiment by William Kirk

Action This Day. A War Memoir by Sir Philip Vian

‘Marjery’ The Medium by Malcolm J.Bird

Machu Picchu The Citadel of The Incas by Hiram Bingham

Proceedings of The American Society for Psychical Research Volume VI

RAF Evaders. by Oliver Clutton Brock

Japanese Pottery by Soame Jenyns

A Heritage Overview of The Town of Port Hedland

People. by Jaques Lowe

PASSION & LINE. Photographs of Dancers by Howard Schatz.

‘Rockin’ The Rockabilly Scene by Andrew Shaylor

No Deals Mr Bond by John Gardner

Licence Renewed by John Gardner

The Shawshank Redemption The Shooting Script by Frank Darabont

The Green Mile Shooting Script by Frank Darabont

Tracey Moffatt,My Horizon Edited by Natalie King and Tracey Moffatt

Spirit Country. Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art by Jennifer Isaacs

The Indispensable Goat Queensland Pioneers and Their Goats by Beutel & Schutt

“Across the Dumaresq” A History of Inglewood Shire by Geoff Harding

The Mediumship of Maria Silbert by Adalbert Evian

Tamar Telphi or The Maid of Destiny.The Great Romance of The Royal House of Britain by John Dunham Massey

Softly Tread The Brave by Ivan Southall

The Quick & The Dead The Story of A Chief Test Pilot by W.A. Waterton

They Fought For The Sky The Story of The First World War in The Air by Quentin Reynolds

The Ship Busters The Story of the R.A.F.Torpedo Bombers by Ralph Barker

Taranto by Don Newton & Cecil Hampshire

The Big Show by Pierre Clostermann

Admiralty Brief The story of invention that contributed to victory in The Battle of The Atlantic by Edward Terrell

Bombay Explosion by John Ennis



Courage & Other Broadcasts by Field Marshall Sir William Slim

The Pilots Book of Everest by Sq. Ldr. Lord McIntyre F/lt D.F Clydesdale

Normandy To The Baltic by Field Marshall Montgomery

No Moon Tonight by D.E.Charlwood

Jutta Feddersen Substance of Shadows

Vasa Medicinalia by Antonella Travaglini

Defeat Into Victory by Field Marshall Sir William Slim

Harbourlights The Art & Times of Peter Kingston

The Dig Tree by Sarah Murgatroyd

The Gatton Mystery by James & Desmond Gibney

Fairweather by Murray Bail

Brothers Battlers and Bastards by Arthur Pearson

Eloise In Moscow by Kay Thompson

Fruits of The Earth by Bianchini & Corbetta

Fruits of The Rainforest by William Cooper & W.T.Cooper

Himalayan Art by Swati Chopra

Man Ray Paintings, Objects, Photographs

The Royal Air Force 1939-1945 by Richards & Saunders

A History & Background of Westmoreland Lambs in Australia by Janet Avent

Light. A Journal of Psychical, Occult & Mystical Research


Arts & Crafts of India by Nicholas Barnard
























































The Wonder Book of Motors

The Roads of Queensland by Yates & Jones

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