Spiritualism,Paranormal,Ghosts, Esoteric and Occult

The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross by John Allegro

Proceedings of The American Society for Psychical Research Volume VI

The Life of Richard Hodgson The Story of a Psychical Researcher & His Times by Alex Baird

The Salem Seer Reminiscences of Charles H.Foster by George Bartlett

Machu Picchu The Citadel of The Incas by Hiram Bingham

‘Marjery’ The Medium by Malcolm J.Bird

Observations On Trance or Human Hybernation by James Braid

Manual of Psychometry. by Joseph Rodes Buchanan

The Light of Egypt or The Science of The Soul & Stars by Thomas H.Burgoyne

The American Seances with Eusapia Palladino by Hereward Carrington

Death and Its Causes and Phenomena by Hereward Carrington

Higher Psychical Development by Hereward Carrington

Psychic Oddities. by Hereward Carrington

Price and His Spirit Child Rosalie by David Cohen

The Cheltenham Ghost by B.A Collins

Crookes & The Spirit World. A Collection of Writing by or Concerning The Work of Sir William Crookes.

The Night Side of Nature or Ghosts and Ghost Seers by Catherine Crowe.

Spirit Psychometry & Trance Communications by Dr T.D’Aute-Hooper & a Welsh Woman

Nature’s Secrets or Psychometric Researches by William & Elizabeth Denton

The Haunting of Borley Rectory by Dingwall & Trevor

The Palmist’s Companion by Andrew Fitzherbert

The Rise of Magic in Medieval Europe by Valerie Flint


The Unexplained True Indian Stories by Edith C. Gerrard

Aleister Crowley and The Hidden God by Kenneth Grant

Brief Studies in Prophecy with A Summary of the Book of Revelation by C.H. Hinman

Hypnosis & Suggestion in Daily Life, Education & Medical Practice by Bernard Hollander

The Shadow and the Light A Defense of Daniel Dunglas Home.The Medium

Studies in Idolatry by Ernest R Hull

The Psychic Mafia by Lamar Keene

Stories of Second Sight In A Highland Regiment by William Kirk

Ghost Ships Tales of Abandoned Doomed and Haunted Vessels by Angus Konstam

Life Past, Present & Future by Laelia [An Egyptian Spirit]

More Glimpses of The World Unseen by Frederick George Lee

The Mystic Will by Charles Leland

Light. A Journal of Psychical, Occult & Mystical Research

The Mind of a Mnemonist by A.R.Luria

The Ghost Book Strange Hauntings In Britain by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor

Tamar Telphi or The Maid of Destiny.The Great Romance of The Royal House of Britain by John Dunham Massey

The Grimoire of Armadel by Mathers and King

The White Ghost Book by Jessie Adelaide Middleton

Spirit Teachings by William Stainton Moses 1912

SPIRITUALISM. The Bible and Present Day Facts by T.W.Moss

The Case for Astral Projection by Sylvan Muldoon

Crystal Gazing Its History and practice by Thomas Northcote

The Round Towers of Ireland; or The History of The Tuath-de Danaans For the first time unveiled by Henry O’Brien

More Haunted Houses of London by Eliott O’Donnell

Airwaves From Hesper by Katherine Hillwood Poor

BREAKTHROUGH. An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication With The Dead. by Konstantin Raudive

The Dangers of Spiritualism by J.Godfrey Raupert

Mystic Voices Being Experiences of The Rev. Philip Rivers Pater, Squire & Priest 1834-1913 by Roger Pater

The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism by Epes Sargent

The Mediumship of Maria Silbert by Adalbert Evian

Journey of the Priestess by Asia Shepsut

Zarlen Speaks.A New Beginning by Jonathan Sherwood

Spirit Teachings by W.H.Terry

Published by W.H,Terry in Melbourne


Spiritualism by J.W. Edmonds & G.T. Dexter.

Stella C An Account of Some Original Experiments in Psychical Research Edited by James Turner

Arbatel of Magic translated by Robert Turner

The Bridge A Case For Survival by Nea Walker

Through A Strangers Hands.New Evidences of Survival by Nea Walker

Experiments in Psychics by F.W. Warrick

TK & the Great Work In America A defence of the true & ancient school of Spiritual Light by Sylvester W. West

Psychic Adventures In New York by Dr Neville Whymant

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