Just a quick note from Miriam: I went through the website’s subscribers list today and deleted a lot that seemed fake. If I accidentally deleted some genuine addresses then please accept my apologies, feel free to re-subscribe. The best way to ensure to your subscription is seen as genuine is to enter your real name into the My Account page.

Please also note that if you want email updates of new pages when they’re posted, you need to add your details into the separate Email Alerts part of the My Account page.

Best wishes to you all.

New Website & Acknowledgements

IMG_20151210_0013 Welcome to our new revamped website. This has been a long hard road.

Thanks are due mainly to our marvellous webmistress Miriam English, without whom this site simply would not exist. She has been patient, funny and technically amazing. I feel so lucky to have found her.

To the beautiful Caroline Magerl whose gorgeous illustrations are all over the site. Her book and art can be purchased online and in the shop.

Lastly to Gordon McIlreavy for pushing me to do this. For the concept  when I just wanted to run away. For putting up with my total technical ignorance and fear,  for his design skills, for liaising with Miriam when it sounded as if I was on another planet, for his drive & assistance which got me here [not to mention coffee after midnight for his hairpulling mother]. Thank you all.

Without these three people we would still be in limbo.

Alan and I are on images and cataloguing and there will be the odd guest blog or page from Jenny in Scotland and our friends around the world.

We were hacked by a Turkish porn site before Christmas and so the whole business suffered for months. There are glitches and it will take a wee while till everything runs smoothly. We do hope you find it easy to use.

We will happily take on board suggestions and requests for posts etc. I am hoping to have an online and inshop bookgroup running this year. If you are interested in either please contact me.

Lastly, a phone call before you come to collect books please, as many are stored to preserve them and not housed in the shop.