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  • ‘O Beloved Kids ‘Rudyard Kipling’s Letters to his Children.

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  • A Big Life Jenny Kee .

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  • A Glimpse of Ancient Sunlight. Memories of Henry Williamson

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  • A Lifelong Passion Nicholas & Alexandra Their Own Story by A.Maylunas & S.Mironenko

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  • A Private Empire by Stephen Foster The MacPhersons of Blairgowrie .

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  • A Trainer to Two Kings by Richard Marsh

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  • A Vision of Eden. The life and Work of Marianne North . by Marianne North

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  • A Voice, a Life the Autobiography of Joan Hammond.

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  • A Wee Nip at the 19Th Hole by Richard Mackenzie

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  • Against The Stream. The Memories of a Pilosophical Anarchist,1927-1939 by A.F.Howells

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  • Al Bowlly by Sid Colin & Tony Staveacre.

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  • Alexander the Corrector by Julia Keay

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  • All My Mob by Ruby Langford Ginibi

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  • Angelas Ashes,’Tis & Teacher Man in Boxed Set by Frank McCourt

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  • Angus Wilson A Biography by Margaret Drabble

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  • Anna Pavlova by V.Dandre.

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