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  • Al Dente. The Adventures of A Gastronome in Italy by William Black

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  • Aromas & Flavours of Past & Present by Alice B.Toklas

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  • Basic French Cookery by Len Deighton

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  • Blood Sugar Inspiring Recipes by Michael Moore

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  • Cooking for One & Two by Margaret Fulton

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  • Eating In by Philip Johnson

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  • Floyd on Italy.I Came I Saw I Cooked by Keith Floyd

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  • Fruit Watching by Amano & Sukiki Illustrated by Masao Saito

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  • Madame Prunier’s Fish Cookery Book.

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  • Mrs Beeton’s Everyday Cookery

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  • Mrs.Gilpin’s Cookery Book by Isobel W.Gilmour

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  • OLD FOOD by Jill Dupleix

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  • Talk About Food by Barbara & Charles Blackman

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  • The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy. by A Lady [Hannah Glasse]1763

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  • The Book of Household Management by Mrs Isabella Beeton 1899

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  • The Golden Wattle Cookery Book by Yewers,Gray,Reeves & McKinnon. Vintage

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