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  • A History of the Late Revolution in Sweden…by Charles Francis Sheridan.1778.

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  • Alice Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll with Tenniel illustrations 1877

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  • Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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  • China. Edited by Shoberl. 1823

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  • Das Buch Der Erfindungen Gewerbe Und Industrien. Gesamtdarstellung Aller Gebiete Dergewerblichen Und Industriellen Urbeit Sowie Von Weltverkehr Und Weltwirtschaft

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  • Dombey & Son by Charles Dickens First Edition

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  • Down-Adown-Derry A book of fairy poems by Walter de la Mare

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  • Ilias by Homer 1747 Three Volumes

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  • Lays of Ancient Rome by Lord MaCaulay In Riviere binding.

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  • Le Morte DÁrthur by Sir Thomas Mallory Illustrated by Russell Flint

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  • Lysistrata By Aristophanes Illustrated by Norman Lindsay Fanfrolico Press

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  • Satyrs & Sunlight. Being the Collected Poetry of Hugh McCrae.Illustrated by Norman Lindsay

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  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare 1903

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  • The History and Antiquities of Suffolk Thingoe Hundred by John Gage

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  • The History of Dundee From the Earliest to The Present Times by James Thomson

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  • The Netherlands. Edited by Frederic Shoberl.

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