Gardening and botanical

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  • A Simple Pleasure. the Art of Making a Garden in Australia by Frances Kelly.

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    A Vision of Eden. The Life and Work of Marianne North . by Marianne North

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  • Chinese Herbs by John Keys

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  • Encyclopaedia of Ferns by David Jones.

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  • European Flower Painters by Peter Mitchell

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  • Fruit Watching by Amano & Sukiki Illustrated by Masao Saito

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  • Gardens of Mexico by Antonio Haas

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  • Gardens off the Beaten Track in Western Queensland by Lindy Hardie & Rachel Noble

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  • Goldfish Varieties and Water William Innes.

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  • Heritage Gardening by Judyth McLeod.

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  • Imperial Gardens of Japan by Itoh Teiji

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  • OCEAN SHORES TO DESERT DUNES . The Native Vegetation of New South Wales and the ACT BY David Keith

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  • Old Garden Roses by Sacheverell Sitwell, Wilfred Blunt & James Russell.

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  • On The Trail of Australian Wildflowers by Edna Walling

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  • Over The Fence and Overlooked by Kyleigh & Michael Simpson

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  • Palms in Australia by David Jones

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