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  • A History of The North Staffordshire Hounds and Country 1825-1902 by C.J.Blagg

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  • Among Men & Horses by M.Horace Hayes

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  • Bloodstock Breeding by Sir Charles Leicester.

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  • Breeding Racehorses by The Figure System by C.B.Lowe

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  • Breeding Thoroughbreds by Colonel John Wall

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  • Breeding To Win by M.Miller

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  • Come Race With Me by Eric Rickman

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  • DRIVING by The Duke of Beaufort

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  • English Sporting Prints by F.L.Wilder

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  • Famous Winners of The British Turf 1949-1955 by David Livingstone-Learmonth & John Hislop

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  • First Tuesday in November.The Story of The Melbourne Cup by D.L.Bernstein.

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  • Flat Racing by Harewood & Ricketts,Lonsdale Library

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  • Flat Racing Since 1900 Edited by Ernest Bland

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  • HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH TURF 1904-1930.Two Volume Set by Captain T.H.Browne

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  • Horse Breeding and Stud Management by Henry Wynmalen

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  • JOHN PORTER OF KINGSCLERE An Autobiography. Written in collaboration with Edward Moorhouse

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