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  • 1066 and All That by Sellar & Yeatman

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  • Bairnsfather.A Few Fragments from His Life by Bruce Bairnsfather

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  • Bitten by the Bull Bug by Lennie Wallace

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  • Jeeves & Wooster by P.G.Wodehouse Six volume set

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  • Jeeves & Wooster Set by P.G. Wodehouse

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  • Jeeves & Wooster Set of Five by P.G.Wodehouse

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  • More Pick of Punch selected by Amanda Jane Doran.

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  • My Less Than Secret Life by Jonathan Ames

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  • Napoleonic Wars in Cartoons by Mark Bryant,

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  • THE HATLESS MAN. An Anthology of Odd and Forgotten Manners by Sarah Kortum

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  • The Long History of Old Age Edited by Pat Thane.

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  • The Mapp & Lucia Novels.Six volumes by E.F.Benson

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  • The Secret Sins of The Suburban Swaggy.Comic & Satiric pieces by David Meyers

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  • The World’s Greatest War Cartoonists and Caricaturists 1792-1945 by Mark Bryant

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