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  • A History of The North Staffordshire Hounds and Country 1825-1902 by C.J.Blagg

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  • A Trainer to Two Kings by Richard Marsh

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  • Among Men & Horses by M.Horace Hayes

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  • Bloodstock Breeding by Sir Charles Leicester.

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  • Breeding To Win by M.Miller

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  • English Sporting Prints by F.L.Wilder

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  • Horse Breeding and Stud Management by Henry Wynmalen

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  • Life and Sport in Aiken and Those Who Made It by Harry Worcester Smith

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  • Natural History and The Indian Army by J.C.Daniel & Lieut.General Baijit Singh

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  • Sporting Pictures at Lavington Park Two Volumes by The Rt Hon.Lord Woolavington

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  • Sykes of Sledmore by J.Fairfax-Blakeborough

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  • The Book of the Red Deer and Empire Big Game by John Ross & Hugh Gunn

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  • THE BRITISH THOROUGHBRED HORSE.His History & Breeding Together with an Exposition of The Figure System by W.Allison.

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  • The End of the Game by Peter Beard

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  • The Mating of Thoroughbred Horses by H..E.Keylock

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