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  • Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

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  • China. Edited by Shoberl. 1823

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  • Fruit Watching by Amano & Sukiki Illustrated by Masao Saito

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  • Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales

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  • Ilustrations of Steam Machinery & Steam Naval Architecture Atlas [Only] to the Enlarged Edition of Tredgolds Work on The Steam Engine.

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  • Joseph Lycett Convict Artist by John McPhee.

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  • Kim by Rudyard Kipling

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  • Malory’s Chronicles of King Arthur Illustrated by Edward Bawden

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  • Old Garden Roses by Sacheverell Sitwell, Wilfred Blunt & James Russell.

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  • Poems by Rudyard Kipling

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  • Poor Richards Almanac For the Years 1733-1758. by Benjamin Franklin & Illustrated by Norman Rockwell.

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  • Rewards & Fairies by Rudyard Kipling

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  • Right Royal by John Masefield Illustrated by Cecil Aldin

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  • Short Stories by Rudyard Kipling

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  • Stalky & Co by Rudyard Kipling

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  • The Aga Khan’s Horses by R.C.Lyle

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