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  • 300 Years of British Gibraltar 1704-2004 by Peter Bond

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  • A Dictionary of Passenger Ship Disasters by David Williams

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  • A Short History of Naval and Marine Edgar Smith

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  • A STEADY HAND . Governor Hunter & His First Fleet Sketchbook . by Linda Groom

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  • Adventures in Ocean Exploration From the discovery of the Titanic to the Search for Noahs Flood by Robert Ballard

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  • Alma Doepel,The History of An Australian Schooner by Captain Ralph McDonell

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  • America’s Lighthouses An Illustrated History by F.R.Holland

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  • American Indians In The Pacific.Theory Behind the Kon Tiki Expedition by Thor Heyerdahal

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  • Arthur’s War by Arthur Bancroft & John Harmon

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  • Blue Funnel. a History of Alfred Holt and Company of Liverpool From 1865 to Hyde & Harris

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  • Compendium of Seashells by Abbott & Dance

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  • Conway’s All The Worlds Fighting Ships 1860-1905

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  • DUTCH DISCOVERIES OF AUSTRALIA Shipwrecks,Treasures and Early Voyages Off The West Sigmond & Zuiderbaan.

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  • Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks by Peter Stone

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  • Endangered Lighthouses by Tim Harrison & Ray Jones

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  • English Merchant Shipping 1460-1540 by Dorothy Burwash.

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