Military World War 2

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  • “SIR” by Major Eddie Prince

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  • A BASTARD OF A PLACE . The Australians in Papua. by Peter Brune.

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  • A Life For Every Sleeper by Hugh V.Clarke

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  • Anne Frank The Diary of A Young Girl

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  • Armies of Empire The 9th Australian & 50th British Divisions in Battle 1939-1945 by Allan Converse

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  • ARMOURED ODYSSEY. 8th Royal Tank Regiment in The Western desert 1941-1942.Palestine, Syria, Egypt 1943-1944 Italy 1944-1945. by Stuart Hamilton .

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  • Arthur’s War by Arthur Bancroft & John Harmon

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  • Australian War Memorial Treasures from a Century of Collecting by Nola Anderson

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  • Banerische Flieger Im Weltkrieg. Ein Buch Der Taten Und Grinnerungen German Aviation

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  • Bridge With Three Men by Anthony Hewitt

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  • Churchill and America by Martin Gilbert

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  • Churchill By Himself by Winston Churchill

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  • Churchill’s Secret War by Robin Denniston

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  • Commando.From Tidal River to Tarakan. The Story of No.4 Australian Independant Company compiled by G.E.Lambert

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  • Distinguishing Colour Patches of The Australian Military Forces 1915-1951. A Reference Guide by Keith Glyde

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  • Fateful Choices Ten Decisions That Changed The World 1940-1941 by Ian Kershaw

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