Performing Arts

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  • Al Bowlly by Sid Colin & Tony Staveacre.

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  • And The Bands Played On by Sid Colin

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  • Anna Pavlova by V.Dandre.

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  • BRITISH DANCE BANDS 1920- 1949. On 12 inch long playing records by Edward Towler

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  • Chuck Berry The Autobiography

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  • COMPLETE SAVOY OPERA by Gilbert & Sullivan.

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  • Jane Fonda My Life So Far by Jane Fonda. signed copy

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  • JOSEPHINE by Josephine Baker & Jo Bouillon .

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  • Margeret Rutherford A Blithe Spirit by Dawn Langley Simmons

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  • One Life, Two Journeys by Henri Szeps

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  • Richard Burton My Brother by Graham Jenkins.

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  • Sisters by Jackie Callas

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  • The Art Of Costume In Russia: 18th To Early 20th Century – The Hermitage by Tamara Korshunova.

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  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare 1903

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  • The Dance Band Era by Albert McCarthy

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  • The Great Irish Tenor by Gordon Ledbetter

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