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  • A House of Cards by Robin Gurr

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  • Angels Of Augustus Pioneers of the Living Inland by Stephanie Somerville.

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  • Aquarelle. by Lois Beumer .

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  • Birds of the British Isles by John Duncan.Association copy.

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  • Bridge With Three Men by Anthony Hewitt

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  • Buderim’s Trafalgar House by Rhonda Vickers Rolevink

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  • Chelsea Way by Andre Maurois

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  • Come Race With Me by Eric Rickman

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  • Downs Artists A Changing Landscape by Noni Durack and Pamela King

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  • Fred Cress by Gavin Fry.

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  • Grandeur & Grit.A History of Glebe by Max Solling.

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  • Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales Illustrated by Michael Hague

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  • It’s Not About The War by Richard Ingelido

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  • Jack B. Yeats A Catalogue Raisonne of The Oil Paintings by Hilary Pyle .Three Volumes.

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  • Jane Fonda My Life So Far by Jane Fonda. signed copy

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  • Jeffrey Smart by Peter Quartermaine

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