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  • 300 Years of British Gibraltar 1704-2004 by Peter Bond

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  • After The Victorians 1901- 1953 by A.N.Wilson

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  • Churchill’s Secret War by Robin Denniston

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  • Elizabeth I by J.E.Neale

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  • English Merchant Shipping 1460-1540 by Dorothy Burwash.

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  • Henry VIII by J.J.Scarisbrick

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  • Lost Children of The Empire by Philip Bean & Joy Melville

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  • Outbreak 1939 the World Goes To War by Terry Charman

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  • Portsmouth In Defence of the Realm by John Sadden

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  • Rowland Hilder’s England A Personal Record by The Rowland Hilder

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  • Still Here. An Autobiography by Hardy Amies

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  • The Book of Household Management by Mrs Isabella Beeton 1899

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  • The Elizabethans by A.N.Wilson

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  • The Ghost Book Strange Hauntings In Britain by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor

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  • The History and Antiquities of Suffolk Thingoe Hundred by John Gage

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  • The Hundred Years War by Alfred Burne

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