First To Fight by Bob Breen.


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23879 BREEN , Bob :
FIRST TO FIGHT. Australian Diggers, N.Z.Kiwis and U.S.Paratroopers in Vietnam, 1965- 66.
Allen & Unwin, Sydney, Wellington, 19898vo. pp. xvi + 316, illustrations, index Very good hardcover in very good dust wrapper.
ISBN 0043202187 This is the story of an Australian battalion which fought as part of a unique US Airborne Brigade, a formation which spearheaded the escalation of American intervention in Vietnam and which became the first and last truly integrated ANZUS combat force to fight in war. They were the first into the infamous Zone D,booby trap infested iron Triangle, the first to face the North Vietnamese in the Central Highlands, the first into the Ho Bo Woods where they discovered the tunnels of Cu Chi. The story of a gruelling tour of duty.

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