Ragnarok The Age of Fire and Gravel by Ignatius Donnelly


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23958 Donnelly, Ignatius;RAGNAROK; The Age of Fire and Gravel.

With a new introduction by LesIie Shepard.

University Books, New York, 1970

8vo.pp.xvi + 452 ,11p. Publishers advertisements. Some ageing else very good in chipped , mended and surface worn dust wrapper. Small booksellers stamp on the front end paper.

Ignatius Donnelly’s Ragnarok pioneered the provocative concept that a comet passed close to or struck the earth in ancient times. His astonishing, methodically logical pieces is that the comet caused cataclysmic changes which are remembered dimly in mythologies, scriptural history, and the idea of divine judgement upon a sinful world. Donnelly presents an inspired compilation of legends and mythologies from Hindus, Persians, Britons, Chinese, Greeks, Scandinavians, Central Americans, North and South American Indians, Aztecs, told texts, quiches, Peruvians, Arabians, Babylonians, and Egyptians, with terrifying stories of disaster by fire, hail, Frost, & darkness. Folk tales abound of enormous dragons and other monsters.

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