The Battalion Story 2/26th Infantry Battalion 8th Division by Lt.Col.Ron Magarry


24826 MAGARRY,Lt Col.Ron.;
THE BATTALION STORY.2/26th Infantry Battalion 8th Division A.I.F.Dedicated to the members of the unit who sacrificed their life for freedom.
W,R. Magarry, Jindalee, [1994]Card quality large format softcover.pp.xviii+ 318.maps, illustrations,nominal roll. crease on cover.else Very Good
ISBN 0 646 820 582, The book deals with a brief but important part of the history covering the main activities of a Queensland Unit and the experiences of the fourteen hundred men who served in the 2/26th.It covers the training days in Australia, their achievement during the Malayan campaign and their loyalty,suffering and sacrifices as prisoners of the Japanese.