The Round Towers of Ireland; or The History of The Tuath-de Danaans For the first time unveiled by Henry O’Brien


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24949 O’BRIEN,Henry:
THE ROUND TOWERS OF IRELAND; or The History of The Tuath-de Danaans For the first time unveiled.
Foreword: To the Marquis of Lansdowne, by the author.
Padbury & Allen,London & Dublin, 1834.

Second Edition. 8vo. pp.524,+ 3p. publishers advertisements,ip. errors & omissions. 4 p full page illustrations. illustrations in text, uncut,some uniform tanning to paper,A little staining in the margin ,rebound in recent half calf raised bands, marbled boards. Very good hardcover.
“”The book was controversial at the time because O’Brien claimed that the round towers which were a common feature of early Irish Christian monastic sites were in fact built by pre-Christian pagans. According to O’Brien the towers were phallic symbols built by the Tuatha De Danann as part of an ancient cult he linked with ancient Greece, Egypt, India and Buddhism.The Tuatha De Danaan appear in ancient Irish mythology and the earliest written histories of Ireland as among the first people to arrive in Ireland. They defeated another people called the Fir Bolg and made Ireland their home. Another wave of settlers called the Milesians, believed to be from Spain and originally Turkey, followed and defeated the Tuatha De Danaan. The Tuatha De Danaan were said to have magical powers and after their defeat retreated into the underworld becoming the fairy folk of popular Irish lore.

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