The Shikiri by Robin Levett .


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24400 LEVETT , Robin :
THE SHIKIRI. A personal account of the tragedy of Kashmir.
Hudson , Hawthorn,1997. Quality softcover + 225 . Very Good.
ISBN 0949873675

The Shikari of Kashmir is an endangered species, almost extinct. There’s no place for him in a world where hunting is a dirty word, and anyway there are too many men hunting other men in the Kashmir mountains these days; birds and beasts and fish have gone out of fashion. A Shikari was a great hunter-guide, made as well as born to the calling, because his knowledge must come from hard experience. It also required a close relationship with and devotion to Allah who, in the end, decided the success or disaster of every hunting trip. In short, to be a great Shikari he had to be a very special man, a man such as Mohamdoo.

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