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    A Fringe of Leaves by Patrick White

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    A Glimpse of Ancient Sunlight. Memories of Henry Williamson

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    A History of Fashion A Visual Survey of Costume by Douglas Gorsline

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    A History of Spanish Firearms by James D.Lavin .

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    A History Of Tapestry by W.G.Thomson 1930

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    A History of the City of Springvale. Constellation of Communities. by G.M.Hibbins .

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    A History of the Late Revolution in Sweden: Containing an Account of the Transactions of the Three Last Diets of That Country. Preceded by a Short Abstract of the Swedish History. by Charles Francis Sheridan.1778.

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    A History of The North Staffordshire Hounds and Country 1825-1902 by C.J.Blagg

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    A House of Cards by Robin Gurr

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    A Kind of Loving.

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